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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


15:58 Rakyat@work's contact is on standby at the unofficial counting centre in Batang Ai.

15:58 [Comment From hashim]
have a tea berak anil

15:59 [Comment From Imah Zuri]
Guys/Gals, I do not want to dampen your spirits but do not put us getting a win in Bukit Gantang. The place has been a stronghold for BN for so long now. If you look at history, except for PRU 12, BN won that seat with a majority more than 5K in every previous elections. Even if we get chinese votes around 60%-65%, BN just need to get 7%-10% of extra Malay votes (53% in PRU12) to neutralize the effect. In PRU 12, many UMNO + Malay either did not vote or voted in protest againts BN.

15:59 [Comment From belumbek]
Pas sudah menang di bukit gantang...horey

15:59 [Comment From anthony dylan]
heard batang ai is very close and some sure ones have gone the other way and vice versa

16:00 It is still looking very close in Batang Ai.

16:01 [Comment From groo]
There is not a single logic for Batang Ai's ballot boxes not to be transported under the watchful eye of an independent agent.

16:03 Someone has placed a transparent Pas donation box with money inside (tabung pilihanraya) on a small table next to me! Doesn't look like anyone is looking after it.... hmm haha

16:07 [Comment From Sim]
PAS is quite transparent.. God is watching..

16:07 [Comment From akar]
nobody watching but God is watching u Anil..haha

16:08 [Comment From rakyat@work]
ha ha ha Anil!!! watch it, could be a trap, ha ha

16:08 [Comment From aka]
The money in the box is watching you..hahaha

16:08 Still a light drizzle here. Traffic is now reduced to a crawl.

16:11 Rakyat@work's contact indicates that unofficial results from postal votes are PKR 37, BN 6.

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